Kushinada Hee And Persephone Analysis

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Will Kushinada-hime and Persephone find a way to be able to live a peaceful life with their families without having to worry about the dangers villains cast upon them? In The Legend of Yamata-no Orochi, Kushinada-hime, the daughter of an elderly couple was to be sacrificed to the monster Yamata-no Orochi. The monster has already devoured Kushinada-hime’s eight other siblings and her parents are determined to save their only remaining child. A man named Susano-o comes to their village and sees them crying. He agrees to help develop a plan to slay the Yamata-no Orochi. Since serpents love sake he asks the couple to brew a batch of very strong sake. When the Yamata-no Orochi arrives, it drinks the sake and becomes very drunk which gives Susano-o…show more content…
“Susano-o sprang out, drew his sword, and proceeded to cut the Yamata-no Orochi to pieces… the Yamata-no Orochi was now slain and Kushinada-hime was safe.” (Yamata-no Orochi Paragraphs 4 and 6, line 1) Susano-o, a man from a different land, freed the daughter of an elderly couple from the Yamata-no Orochi out of bravery. He also did it to prove he was worthy enough to marry Kushinada-hime. Persephone and Kushinada-hime are in the same position where they have to be sacrificed to a monster/villain. “He came upon an elderly couple and their daughter, Kushinada-hime. All three were crying sadly for she was to be sacrificed to the monster Yamata-no Orochi.” (Yamata-no Orochi Paragraph line )This scene depicts when Susano-o finds Kushinada-hime and her parents crying together because Kushinada-hime is to be sacrificed to the monster Yamata-no Orochi. He later decides to help them develop a plan to save Kushinada-hime by slaying the Yamata-no…show more content…
“To put an end to this quarrel, Zeus decided that Persephone would spend half her months with Hades in the underworld and half her monts with her mother in Olympus.” (Persephone Paragraph 10 lines 2,3,4) When Zeus sees Hades and Demeter fighting over his daughter, he decides their quarrel can’t go on any longer and decides that Persephone will spend half the year with Hades and the other half with him and Demeter. Someone had to step in and make a decision. Even though Kushinada-hime and Persephone are in similar situations, the resolutions of Yamata-no Orochi and Greece myths Persephone, Queen of the Underworld are very different. This is because Susano-o gave Kushinada-hime a chance of eternal freedom from the Yamata-no Orochi by slaying it unlike Persephone who has to live with Hades in the underworld six months out of the year. In the end, only Kushinada ends up being completely freed from the Yamata-no Orochi and is able to live with her parents and Susano-o peacefully. It is clear that if someone you care for, you will do anything to save

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