The Lego Brickumentary

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During the Lego Brickumentary, different types of people such as: collectors, hobbyists, geeks, artists, architects, engineers, scientists, and doctors have found different uses to the actual Lego brick; whether it’s just for fun or to help shy and autistic kids with communicating. Lego has had an amazing worldwide cultural impact due to the many activities and events it has during the year.

The Lego Company was created in 1930 in Denmark by a Danish carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen. At first, he made simple wooden toys and then changed after purchasing his first plastic molding machine at a Toy Fair in 1947. His son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, was the one who came up with the system of the brick used today. During this timeframe, Ole’s factory burnt down three times, but he never gave up on his Company.

In 1999, the Lego Company experienced a big loss in sales. This loss was due to the creation of Lego sets no one liked or wanted to play with; not even little kids and loyal Lego fans. Around 2012, Lego solved this loss of interest by inventing Lego Ideas, first named Lego Cuusoo. Lego Ideas is a website where fans can create a product they would like to purchase themselves. Inside the website, other AFOLS, Adult Fans of Lego, can vote for the product they like best. The product with the highest votes is then
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To many, Legos have become an obsession and a daily activity that one plays with for several hours. Countless AFOL have enormous Lego collections with which they replicate a landscape, a film (such as Batman), create numerous Lego short films, and many more original creations. AFOL even have clubs, meetings, conventions, blogs and many activities where they just build and play with Legos. They probably have more activities than KFOL, Kid Fans of Legos, do; because AFOL can also participate and enjoy activities made for
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