The Leisure Time: The Definition Of Leisure Time

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1.Leisure Time
1.1 Concept of Leisure Time

Leisure time activities, the behavior of attending those activities and the time that was divided for such activities by individuals varies among people. The events to assess the leisure time also show differencies in terms of time and time-wise and spatial and it depends on individual’s structure, understanding of world, gender, education, the possibilities that was owned and skills to which type of event will be chosen. If we consider that the popular culture is the determinant for leisure time activities then we can state university students composes their leisure time habits in frame of those events.

In this section, the leisure time will be embraced its main lines with conception of leisure
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According those definitions, leisure time seems limited, controllable subject to income, space, laws and common courtesies. However, civilization cannot regulate the every single minute of human life and due to that there are events, in certain time frames, that were determined by individuals in every society cannot be limited by legal, customs, religion and ethics.5 In brief, those are the activities were made for leisure time itself. Mostly, leisure time is confused with entertainment or vacation due to it does not purposes any target. Actually, leisure time is a tool to utilize to entertainment and free time. In terms of meaning it comes from Latin (licere) meaning that “being free”. Therefore, leisure time is without any limitation. Furthermore, it is an activity seeks to satisfate the individual and a choice chosen with free…show more content…
Humanbeings require to meet of physical needs, relaxation, sleep, jollification and other contents too. The leisure time here means a special time that was spent as idle or for more supreme activities. It is a time without any economical force and that a goal itself such as reading, hobbies, sports, games, recreation or cultural, artistic and NGO activities also covered.7

In a nutshell, it can be said that leisure time activities are individual and made behalf of person himself. If an individual takes part in an activity out of his free will, then we cannot define that activity as leisure time. A leisure time activity composes of individual’s volunteering and attendance activities without any impose.

According to Butler that to assess leisure time is a way of experience, to obtain a enriched life. As a special activity, leisure time, is off-hour time, a communal system, an pedagogical phase and a way to ejeculate the

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