The Lemonade Stand Narrative Report

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The Lemonade Stand

Jerry (The kid selling lemonade)
Mother (Jerry’s mom)
Father (Jerry’s father)
Tommy (Cat)
Sider Slim LaVone Cheems III, known as Sider (Robber)
Off Stage Voice

Jerry: Mom, mom! (Jerry said storming into his mom’s room at 5 in the morning)
Mother: What could possibly be this important to share at this time of the morning!
Jerry: I have brilliant idea!
Mother: Alright, do tell. (His mother moaned).
Jerry: You know how you always saw we need money to water the grass, to feed the cow, to get meat!
Mother: Yeah...
Jerry: I am going to start up a lemonade stand!
Mother: And how could you possibly get enough money through doing that. Getting money from a lemonade stand is as hard as getting your father to
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Can’t you see by my accent, your as dumb as a mouse.
Jerry: Okay then. Well have you seen a man, 6 foot tall or so, carrying a large jug of lemonade? His names Cider or something.
Tommy: Oh that guy, I see him like once every other year! He never comes out, and when he does, the weirdest thing happen. Luckily I am always out here and on the look. I saw him go left. Why do you need him though?
Jerry: He stole my lemonade, which I was using to get money to water the grass, to feed the cow, to get meat!
Tommy: If I help you out, what will I get in exchange?
Jerry: Your help would be nice, but you’ve already told me--
Tommy: Well fine, if you need me that bad, I guess I’ll help you out.
Jerry: I never asked you to--
Tommy: Well, let’s get going (Tommy said taking the lead).

Narrator: As the night grew darker, and Jerry and Tommy’s journey continued, in only to darker places. It was becoming more and more clear where Sider went.

Tommy: Okay, it looks like he’s really close to here. His prints are pretty fresh.
Jerry: Okay, but where do you think he went.
Tommy: This is really deep in the forest, he’s probably gone to his place where he disappears.
Jerry: What’s up with that guy? I mean, why did he take my
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Jerry: Here I go!

(Jerry acted as if he was dead, and Sider Slim approached.)

Sider: Well, seems as if this one 's dead, time to get rid of his corpse (Sider sighed as he untied him).

(As soon as Jerry was untied, he made a run for it.)

Sider: What the--

(Jerry was running as fast as he could, but not to escape, for something else.)

Jerry: There it is! (Jerry exclaimed as he grabbed the lemonade).

Sider: No! I was saving that! You can’t get out, people will know where I live!

(Jerry sprinted towards to towering Sider, but did something unexpected.)

Jerry: AAAH! (Jerry tossed a small bit of lemonade into Sider’s eyes, just enough to make sure he still had a lot and Sider was temporarily blinded, just enough for him to get out.)

Narrator: Jerry sprinted back to his house, relieved that he escaped, but most of all that he got his lemonade!

Jerry: Mom!
Mother: Jerry! Where have you been!
Jerry: Where do I start!
Mother: Nowhere! I am happy your home!
Jerry: Thanks mom! But I got a job to do and money to get! Jerry left the house, went outside, and got back to selling lemonade.

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