Comparing The Leonardo And The Loveland Aquarium

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Can you imagine two places, The Leonardo and the Loveland Aquarium, having one thing in common, flight! The Leonardo and the Loveland Aquarium are two different museums that have two different things, and have many things in common. They also have things that are also very different from each other also. The Lenardo is about history and old arts, while the Loveland Aquarium is about animals and creatures. The Leonardo has man-made machines. The Aquarium has nature exhibits. Now, let 's get to the details of these places.
Now, I need to remember about The Leonardo. At The Leonardo we played and explored the with Lego 's, art, mechanical things like nuts and pulleys. At the first floor there were Lego 's and art to play with and mess around with in there, except for some things that just for looking, at like the workshop next to it with art from people before us. With the Lego 's, you could make and build a stop motion video that shows what you built and how
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When we finally got to the Loveland Aquarium, and our group went straight to the tropical area of the museum and went and saw some types of fish. One of the fish were huge and the smallest ones there were about 1 1/2 feet long! We also saw some birds that started yelling at us, just because we were trying to talk to it. That was the most fun part of the Loveland Aquarium! Going up the stairs to the second part of the exhibit, we saw some more birds some poison dart frogs. Walk out, we headed straight to the top of the stairs and waited for everyone and the teacher. After he had finally come, we went the classroom and learn about some things about some sea creatures that could have problems and how they could fix these problems. Then we headed out of the classroom. As we headed out of the classroom, we split up in our groups again and our group headed to the penguin research area. Afterward, we went to the bus and that is where our field trip

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