The Lessons You Learn When People Walk Away Essay

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The Lessons You Learn When People Walk Away

When people walk away, you learn the art of letting go. That though it may be hard at the beginning, you eventually accept the fact that you have to let go. That you have to stop holding on to those people like you can 't breathe without them. You learn that you can breathe. You learn that you came in this world on your own and you 'll probably exit on your own as well. You learn that having them may be a blessing but when it 's time to let go, you learn that you should. With that, you learn that not everyone you meet are supposed to stay forever. You learn that some people are only meant to grace in your life and teach you a valuable lesson and then departs after. You learn the richness of losing attachments to people, that sometimes, losing your connection with them isn 't the most catastrophic thing in the world but it 's actually profitable to who you are. You learn that people indeed come and go. You learn that there 's nothing wrong with having people close doors in your face and that doesn 't necessarily means that there 's something
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You learn that everyone should undergo a metamorphosis. A grandiose growth and development of the mind, body and soul. You learn that everyone you meet play a striking role in reconstructing you and your whole being. Everyone teaches you a lesson of growth. You learn so many substantial things from them that contributes to your soul. You learn to correct all your mistakes so that you won 't commit the same mistakes again. You learn to embrace your flaws and take proud in it. You learn that we are all growing and conquering. And that it 's inevitable to lose some people that has been a part of your life. You learn that having people walk away from you is part of life. You learn that having less noise in your life is indeed a good treatment to your being. And without so much influence from all these people, you discover
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