The Lewandowski Compare And Contrast

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The Lewandowski’s are a family that lives in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey. There are 5 members in the Lewandowski’s and those people are as follows, Christian, 50; Addy, 49; Loyal, 16; Olivia, 15; Owen, 13. Christian works as an anesthesiologist and has an annual income of $357,273 and Addy works as a psychiatrist making an annual income of $182,700. Both of the parents are highly qualified for their jobs and are both extremely hard workers. Olivia and Loyal are both high schoolers both are sophomores, Owen is an 8th grader. Christian and Addy both pay taxes, they pay $12,779.39 in federal income tax and are paying $4,036.30 in state income tax. They are paying $652.47 in social security and are also paying for retirement at around $2,249.89…show more content…
The family bought a bundle for $105 a month the Lewandowski’s also bought a cell phone plan for $383 a month. This bundle provides AT&T’s second fastest internet and cable, and the cell phone plan we bought gives our phones 4G data and unlimited call and text as well as 2GB of data for each phone. The Lewandowski’s spend roughly $1,200 on groceries a month and other household items. They spend most of their grocery money on meats and vegetables which are a vital part of a balanced diet. They also spend portions on the grocery bill on various fruits which are extremely important for staying healthy and awake. Some of the money also goes toward toilet paper and other hygiene items. The Lewandowski’s spend $550 on clothes during the month, this means that the children are supplied with fresh new clothes to start of the year. They also pay $450 for dental and medical bills a month. There is $200 put aside for special occasions like birthdays and parties. The Lewandowski’s pay $300 on auto and home repairs in case something goes wrong. For entertainment and household items there is a combined cost of $900. Finally the Lewandowski’s spend $200 a month on

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