The Lexical Differences Between American English And British English

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Task: What are the noticeable differences between American English and British English? (You can choose to focus on the analysis of pronunciation features or vocabulary features)

English is global language and the most significant lingua franca in the world. The use of it is widespread in many sectors as more and more countries are open to global market. Many institutions and organizations have adopted English as an official language. However, there are varieties of English and they have unique features in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. My essay would mainly focus on the lexical difference between two prevailing standard varieties of English that is British and American English.

American English can be understood as the variety of English that is used in the United States including the English dialects that are spoken in the United States and the English spoken abroad affected by American English by means of media. On the other hand, British English can be defined as the form of English that is practiced in the United Kingdom, including the English dialects that are utilized within and outside the UK. It also refers to the English spoken among the former British colonies called the Commonwealth English.

It can be seen that the striking difference in American and British English is accent, the pronunciation of words. However, at a deeper and less obvious level, vocabulary differences give the right to treat the two varieties as two

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