The Liars Club Analysis

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The Liars’ Club: A Memoir by Mary is a disturbing yet heart-wrenching book about the rough childhood of young Mary whom has grown up in an extremely depressing family situation. Throughout her early ages, Mary and her sister, Lecia have witness their parents fighting on a daily occasion. Most of the time, her mom was the sources of all the arguments. As a consequences, watching her mom getting drunk on bed and the instability in her behaviors was the main cause of the deterioration of young Mary Karr’s manners. The father seemed to be the only source of positive emotions. Mary has always been a fan of the Liars’ Club where her dad usually take her out and tell people spinning tales. There were times in which Mary described the club as the only place where she could find relief. After the death of Mary’s grandmother, whom she blamed all the family hard times on, the family moved to Colorado since they were more financially independent by the money inherited from grandma. This can be seen as a new chapter for the family. However, moving to a different location could not change family situation. Mary provided details about the family routines in which her mother spend most of her time at the bar. On the other hand, the girls had such enjoyable times with their daddy going fishing. Once again, daddy is seen as the place to hide from all the family issues.…show more content…
I considered this an astonishing part of the story. When asked whether the girl want to stay with their mom or dad, the girls chose their mom. We would expected them to choose their father over her since as we mention above he is their only source comfort. However, they chose their mommy instead since they realize that their daddy could easily live on his own, but their mom, who has a mental illness, would be devastated if they decided to leave her. This has shown the great love from the girls for their mother in spite of all the hardships she had brought
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