The Liar's Club Analysis

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The book “ The Liar 's’ Club” by the author Mary Karr was written about the life of the author. She had a lot of problems and difficult in her life that make she feel hard to act. Moreover, those problems also affect negatively on her career and future. At the first time, every readers may think that Mary Karr can not live anymore because of her hard life but after reading this book, people should think again about Mary Karr - the woman that did so many things with high effort and be succeed even though she had a bad beginning. She is a good example that people may follow and see her. Now, I am going to tell about Mary Karr’s story, the story which contains many meanings.
Firstly, we can easily see that Mary Karr’s family affect on her life
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P. Karr on the way to Texas after many years lived in New York. The reason that why they married again with J. P. Karr is still a mystery question that no one know. They just only know that Mary Karr and J. P. Karr married. After that, Mary Karr’s turn to the new page. She had a much better life with her new husband than the old husband. During this period, there were many illness because the effect of the war. After she saw some children who was the victims of those illness such as cancer made thousands of children died, she felt very afraid. Not only that, some children also do not have parent because their parent died during the war or left them away. That image usually appear in her head that made she scare and can not focus on her works. He realized that many children had unlucky faith and she was still luckier than them so he decided to do charity and help some unlucky children. Even Though her family outcasted her but Mary Karr still love them and work really hard to repay her parent in a nearest future. She is a person who kind hearted.
In conclusion, after reading “The Liar’s Club” by Mary Karr, I realize that there are many people out there who do not have as lucky as us but they still work hard and make their life become better and more beautiful. This book want to tell to the reader that every people, in many different situations, they all have a same achievement that working harder to make their life more beautiful and
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