The Liberal Arts Are Dead David Whalen Analysis

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In the article, The Liberal Arts are Dead: Long Live the Liberal Arts The author David M. Whalen gears this argumentative article towards the liberal art supporters, and towards those who oppose against it and believe that liberal arts are not important. This article is argumentative because the author goes back and forth explaining the thoughts about liberal arts from both points of view. The benefits of allowing both perspective and thoughts in the article is to show that there is contrast dealing with liberal arts and a person can choose for themselves on which side to agree with. Giving the reader a choice to understand both sides of a debate leads to a person becoming more interesting in knowing more about the argument. This article expresses Purpose, emotion, and other points of views besides himself. The authors purpose of this article is to resurrect the idea that liberal arts are not dead. The idea is expressed as liberal arts are not dead because there are other people who do not want to acknowledge it as an art that has any purpose to people. The ones who oppose seem to be closed minded and not except the idea that liberal arts are everywhere. The author wants people to support his idea because he knows the impact that liberal arts make in the world and how common the arts are used and are implemented in our daily lives and speech, without realizing it. Whalen’s vision of his own perspective leads him to understand and be certain that liberal arts are important,
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