The Life Of Jp Morgan

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The Life of J.P. Morgan: Bank Titan
Brooklyn M. Ward
Bethel University
U.S. History II
Essay 1, Unit 3


In this essay, I will break down the life of the great J.P. Morgan. J.P. Morgan may have never worried about money, but he came under constant scrutiny for how he spent his money. From a childhood with a judgmental father to wealthy adulthood, Morgan had to worry about what people thought of him. He came under fire when he decided to invest his wealth in other areas of interest. I will discuss how his childhood affected him, how his investments contributed to the progression of the Industrial Era, how he surpassed his many enemies, and how he was affected by “trust busting”.
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Morgan never really had the rags to riches story, and that is what sets him apart from the other Industrial titans. Junius Spencer Morgan had high expectations from his son and started training him at an early age. J.P. Morgan’s first job was at his father’s bank Peabody, Morgan, and Co. (Terell, 2014). From childhood to adulthood, Morgan had to deal with scrutiny on how he used wealth. J.P. Morgan overcame obstacles during his life through his childhood, his help during the progression of the Industrial Era, his surpassing of enemies, and his unwanted involvement in “trust
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