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In Freddy’s Pacheco article article on “ The Life Of Muhammad Ali” basically talks about the life and accomplishments of Muhammad Ali, and how he has changed peoples 's lives inside and outside the ring. Pacheco touches on various topics on Ali’s journey on his boxing career, which made him the person and icon he is known nowadays. The way Pacheco wrote the article was with such passion, that made the reader feel connected to the stories he shared about spending time with Muhammad Ali as a friend. Pacheco begins building his credibility by using personal facts, convincing facts, and emotional appeals; however, toward the end of the article Pacheco attempts to address to the reader’s emotions weaken his credibility.
In his article, Pacheco’s first sets the stage by detailing how of a humble human being he was with them and his fans. Pacheco’s touches on how he and Muhammad Ali would spend hours and hours talking about the issues going during that time and
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His intro is full of emotionally charged words and expressions that create a sympathetic image; Pacheco’s notes “Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s disease and how it changed bigger than life Ali to a slow moving and slow talking”(Pacheco 40), which was really moving because nobody thought that this would happen to the 3 time world champion who never skipped a beat. The image he evokes of the challenges and vulnerabilities of Muhammad Ali being affected with Parkinson’s disease, as well as the high emotions a person like Ali must of being suffering from a horrendous disease. His aim is particularly to show his credibility and input sympathy for Ali. Adding to this idea are words and expressions such as, humble, hero, humanitarian”(Pacheco). All these words excite positive emotions about Muhammed Ali’s contributions to society, which also makes the reader sympathize with people who suffer from Parkinson
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