The Life Of Siddhartha Gautama

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1. Describe the life of the Siddhartha Gautama, his conversion experience and how he became the Buddha.
Life- born to a wealthy landowner, near the border of Nepal and india sometime aroud the 5th century bce; conceived without sexual intercourse; raised in luxury; was married and had at least one sone; at age 29 dismayed with the suffering in the world, inspired by seeing a monks, he renounced his wealth, left his wife and son to pursue the way to total liberation from suffering.
Conversion-Living a homeless life of poverty, and still not satisfied with his pursuit of enlightment, he underwent 6 years of severe deprivation and self- denial which took a physical toll on his health. Realizing that self-denial did not bring him closer to being enlightened he turned his worship(th) to the Middle Way which rejected (th) self-indulgence and self-denial. His health slowly restored, he began a period of reflection (th). Sitting under a fig tree for reflection he was able to recall (th) all his previous lives. He also was able to learn the cause of suffering and as well as a way to end suffering. This path led to the realization that he had become enlightened. After this he was referred to as Buddha.
How he became Buddha-Under the fig tree he learned the four great truths and the eight fold path. Buddha spent the rest of his life wandering and preaching, to show other the path to enlightenment.

2. Describe the Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path of Liberation, the Three
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