The Life Of Stephen King: The Shining

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To the world he is regarded as a conduit of horror, to his fans he is distinguished as one of the greatest influence on modern literature. Author Stephen King is a man who bears many titles and labels by readers and critics. Much like how an artist forms clay into his or her creation, the works of Stephen king recrafted by his experiences in life and his own personal findings of life. One such creation of King is The Shining. In order to understand where the influences of Stephen King coe from, one must understand his past. Stephen King was born in Scarborough, Maine on September 21, 1947. He was the son to Nellie Ruth Pillsbury and Donald Edwin King (Rogak 8). Hardship in King’s life began as a young boy when his father walked out on his family and left Ruth to take care of King and his older brother (Rogak 11). Ruth and her children couldn 't stay in one place for too long, moving around looking for work, the Kings had lived in Chicago, Massachusetts and Wisconsin (Rogak 11). When King was a young boy he often spent time with his friend who lived by a railroad. One day when the two boys were playing, “...Steve’s friend had wandered over to the tracks and been hit by a freight train” (Rogak 21). This was one of multiple experiences with death in his life, which has held a great influence on his writing. After moving around the country Ruth and her two children settled in a small town in Maine where Stephen King and his brother would attend School. However, Stephen King

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