The Life Story Of My Grandmothers Can Change The World

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Grandmothers can change our lives, Influence us, and most importantly, make references and jokes we will never understand. We can truly learn a lot from people who came from another generation, and to us, another world. My Grandmother has taught me and the world around her how to hold high morals and be kind to one another. I will be sharing with you the life story of my Grandma, Joan Van Buskirk, a typical woman who has had an anything but typical impact on the world. Grandma Joan was born in February 1943 in a small town called Carthage South Dakota, she was born in her small home, on the country side of the town. Grandma Joan was born the youngest of all her siblings, so young that her siblings were all out of the house, on their own. Her parents were older, and didn 't like much comotion, her dad, great Grandpa, hated noise, the house never saw much clamor. A daily schedule for Grandma Joan was going to school, coming home, and occupying herself till dinner, after they eat dinner, then her and her parents would go to sleep.. This was my grandma 's routine every day. Years of this passed and Grandma found herself in high school, it was quite a change from the catholic schools she had been attending up until then. She lived her high school career as a model student, however my grandma did have an interesting part of her high school life. One of the most scandalous things Grandma has ever done was dating my Grandpa, My Grandparents had met on a blind date, both of them
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