The Lifeguard Summary

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Mary Morris Analysis of “The Lifeguard” by Mary Morris Freshta Nejat Analysis of “The Lifeguard” by Mary Morris “ The Lifeguard” by Mary Morris is a brief story portrays the reality of changes over time. The author revealed the story of lifeguard as the lord of all he surveys with a big self-esteem. Mary Morris in this article exposes the fact that we recognize what we have only when a devastating event occurs as in the story he proves lack of efficiency in the first aid needed to save a toddler, Becky, on the beach. Overall, the author portrays Symbolism, Characterization and Foreshadowing by inferring that once we realize what we have, it’s too late. Throughout the story, the outlook of the character in the story has been changed from the commencement of the story till to the end. At the beginning, the lifeguard viewed the beach a way of being seen and appreciated by the girls and resented by the other man. In addition,…show more content…
Ric Spencer acted as a foreshadowing character. He missed the period or the time when he used to be a lifeguard. Therefore, he was always advising Josh to be careful, because in few seconds bad events can happen and devastate lives’ as the drowning of Billy Mandel. Further, in this story Ric played the principal character by telling stories to Josh to be careful and enjoy the responsibility of a lifeguard. Josh listened to all those advised given to him by the earlier lifeguard. The character Mrs. Lovenheim, throughout the story portrays the symbol of superiority. Along the story, the lifeguard he kept on talking about Mrs. Lovenheim how she was admiring him on the beach. Therefore, while looking at him he was realizing and was a proof for him that other people on the beach admired him. As a consequence, he realized himself superior to people around him and the real king on the beach. But, Becky’s incident on the beach made him felt that he had all
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