The Lifestyles: The Habits Of Fast Food

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As the world progresses into a fast-paced, technology-oriented era, we are unknowingly following a very time-constrained schedule and lives are getting increasingly busy. In concurrence with the proliferation of fast-food restaurant chains, we have already put up quite some inches on our waistlines. As part of the society, we have our responsibilities towards our country, works, homes, family, children and other things that require us to spend time. In such case, convenient food items sold in the market like instant noodles and fast food restaurants provide a quick meal for those who are lack of time to prepare their food at home. People living in urban area with hectic schedules and have very little time to take good care of their diet develop unhealthy eating habits which will then lead to the onset of chronic diseases and bring some short and long-term effects to health.

It is undeniable that city people nowadays tend to be busier as they always need to work overtime and they are constantly time-constrained. This is because the workload is increasing but amount of time given remains the same. The stiff competition between employees and employers to strive for greater income or prestige is also the main reason why they invest most of their time in work, and time for meal preparation is often sacrificed as they are deemed unnecessary. They are inclined to think that with greater wealth, they will be able to sustain their health in the future. But what’s unbeknownst to them

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