Percy Jackson And The Lighting Thief Essay

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When Zeus ( God of the sky) symbol of power, his master lighting bolt is stolen, he accuses Percy Jackson son of Poseidon ( God of the sea) of the theft, and gives Percy 14 days to retrieve and return the bolt before he starts a war among the gods that will destroy the universe. The faith of the universe lies in the hands of Percy Jackson.

Packed with context to Greek mythology, along with action packed scenes, the lighting thief is a must read for readers interested in a more modern version of text to Greek mythology, and for those looking for a humorous, adventurist, and mystery book all packed together in one exciting novel.

Rick Riordan, author of the lighting thief is a well known author, who wrote the New York Times #1 best-selling series “Percy Jackson and the Olympians”

12- year old Percy Jackson is your average teenage new yorker, except for the fact that he is a demigod ( half human, half god), and that monsters are out to kill him. However, Parents of younger readers should be advised that the novel may contain some inappropriate content, such as Gods having affairs with mortals (humans), so parents should be prepared to discuss the meaning of this content, prior of after reading the novel.

Meanwhile, Percy who is dyslexic and has ADHD is
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Sally, Percy 's mom is attacked and killed, and vanished into gold dust, before Percy can save her. Also, the lighting thief is written in a first person (Percy 's) point of view, rather then a narrators prospective, which makes the story more easier to understand because we get to know the direct feelings and thoughts of the main character (Percy), rather then hearing it in a narrator point of view. For example, we get to know the direct feeling of how Percy felt when he was unable to save his mom, and how he felt that it was his fault that his mother was killed,and he was the one to blame for her
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