The Lightkeeper's Daughter Summary

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Critical Book Review: The Lightkeeper’s Daughter We are oysters, concealing our tender insides with hard shells. (Lain Lawrence, 2002, P81) The Lightkepper’s Daughter is hitherto the most interesting modern fiction in the recorded history. It is written by Lain Lawrence in 2002. Lain, a Canadian writer who is best known for his creative writing skills since he was in primary school, has been settled on the North Coast (British Columbia) for years. Furthermore, he is currently an avid sailor on the Gulf Islands. Except The lightkeeper 's Daughter, his is also the author of other five novels, including High Seas Trilogy: The Wreckers (an Edgar Allan Poe Award nominee), The Smugglers, and The Buccaneers, Ghost Boy (set in post war America, and was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book, a School Library Journal Best Book of the year, an ALA Best Book for Young Adults, and an ALA Notable Book), and Lord of the Nutcracker Men (inspired by his grandfather, and was also named a Publishers Weekly Best Book, a School Library Journal Best Book of the year). (Lain Lawrence, 2002, About the Author) The Lizzie Island in the book is made up based…show more content…
In the book, Squid read over Alastair’s diary in order to probe into the mysterious cause of his death. At the beginning, she finds out more about how Alastair concerned about his eyes. Then,. In the contrary, Squid was not as mature as Alastair, and she was the most playful and insensitive character I have ever disliked. From the beginning of the book, when she sees the look on her parents, a little disrespectful disappointment flicker in her eyes. Additionally, she keeps denying her father’s effective theories and methods of which Tatiana urgently needs for her trouble with speaking. After the incidents, each of the family members blamed themselves and accused each other for what had happened, but the truth appears to be beyond our
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