The Lightkeeper's Daughter Analysis

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We are oysters, cloaking our tender insides with hard shells. The Lightkeeper 's Daughter, the most interesting modern fiction in the recorded history, written by Lain Lawrence in 2004. Lain Lawrence, a Canadian writer who is well-known for his creative writing, has settled on the North Coast (British Columbia) for years. Also, he is not only an avid sailor on the Gulf Islands, but also an emotional writer who writes youth literature. Except The Lightkeeper 's Daughter, his other five novels, including High Seas Trilogy: The Wreckers, The Smugglers, The Buccaneers, Ghost Boy, and Lord of the Nutcracker Men, are all successful (Lain Lawrence, 2004, About the Author). Lizzie Island, where the story takes place, is similar to an island called Lucy Island, where the remains of the lighthouse stand still (Lain Lawrence, 2004, Acknowledgments). In brief, the story begins as Elizabeth (Squid) McCrae came home with her three-year-old daughter Tatiana to see her parents (Murray and Hannah) who live and work in Lizzie Island where tears and sighs burst with ignorance, agony and arrogance. First, children are desperately looking forward to escaping from the barren because of their thirst for knowledge. Murray has settled on the island since he volunteered to replacement of a dead light-keeper, and he has not seen a Barbie doll for his entire life before his daughter 's homecoming. To Murray McCrae, Lizzie Island is home, where his body and dream belong and stay. Besides,

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