The Lightning Thief Book Report

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The first book in the Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian which is entitled The Lightning Thief written by Rick Riordan is about the adventure of Percy Jackson and his Demi-God friend who is Annabeth and a satyr named Grover. Mrs. Dodds, Percy’s math teacher told him, “It was only a matter of time before we found you out. Confess, and you will suffer less pain.” Was Percy’s Call to Adventure [Departure]. He was confused because he did not know what Mrs. Dodds was talking about and she turned into a leather-winged bat and was about to kill Percy, then Mr. Brunner, his Latin teacher threw him a ballpoint pen and when it landed on his hands, it turned into a bronze sword. He instinctively slashed Mrs. Dodds and she exploded into a pulverized yellow powder. After Percy regained his strength due to his battle with the Minotaur he found himself in the summer camp that his mother told him to go to. He met once again his Latin professor, Mr. Brunner and a man named Mr.D which is the god of wine Dionysus. They told Percy all about the things he didn’t know in the unknown world. This is the part where the hero Refuse the Call, at first Percy don’t believe that there are gods but when Mr.D gave him visions that made him believed to what Chiron and Mr.D are saying. Mr.D summoned Percy and Chiron told Percy if he wants to accept the quest and explained everything to Percy. Chiron told Percy that Poseidon and Zeus are fighting over the lightning bolt that was stolen and Zeus was blaming

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