The Lightning Thief Persuasive Quotes

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“Humans see what they want to see.” said Rick Riordan, in The Lightning Thief, and he was right. In the book Monster, by Walter Dean Myers, a young boy is called a monster after accused of murder and theft. No one, not even himself fully believes in him, so he calls himself monster. Everyone is looking to pin a crime on someone and call it justice, make even themselves believe they are the monsters they are not. In this book everyone makes this innocent young man seem like a monster he is not. In reality the reasons he is not a monster is based off the way others see him, how we see him compared to others, and his attitude towards jail. My first reason he is not the monster he calls himself is the way outside people few him. His brother Jerry…show more content…
“One guy has a knife. it's not really a knife, but a blade glued onto a toothbrush handle.” he writes, and continues on about how he wants to leave, “All they talk about here is hurting people.” He is not the real monster, he is not violent, and he knows deep inside he isn’t the monster everyone says he is. He didn't murder anyone, and he knows he is innocent, and the jury knows it too. He has never hurt anyone, and everyone is trying to blame him so they get a short in their sentence. Multiple “witnesses” or people who overheard about the robbery and murder are convicted or unreliable they all wanted someone to blame and someone to shorten their time in jail. My last reason is his attitude towards jail and how he is scared. “I still can’t go to the bathroom in front of everyone.” he writes. He is so scared that he can’t use the bathroom in front of those guys. He hates it there, “I can hardly, think about the movie,I hate this pace so much. But if i didn't think of the movie i would go crazy.” it is getting so bad for him. The jail, the inmates, the food, and the stress is breaking him. He is not meant to be here, he isn't the bad guy everyone makes him
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