The Limitations Of Single Gender Education

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Single gender education is the method of teaching male and female students in different schools and ways, and it was a common practice before the twentieth century, particularly in secondary education and higher education. Many studies have revealed that men have an eleven-year lag behind women when it comes to maturing (Olson, 2013), thereby the method of instructing both genders should be different. Indeed, many surveys have shown that ladies in single sex state schools get better GCSE results that those in mixed schools. Finally, although separate education has its limitations, the adapted learning processes for each gender, the way it helps to solve the specific problems of each sex and its successes in results show it is the most effective practice in the teaching area. Firstly, I would like to start explaining the argument about the adapted learning processes for each gender. As it is widely known, there are many differences in cognitive abilities between men and women, which entails concrete learning processes. The article "Two Minds" from the Stanford Medicine 's magazine explains and proves the existence of these differences. In fact, this study, connected to many others, has shown that sex differences in spatial-visualization ability can be seen in 3-month-old infants. Therefore, due to the fact that female and male minds work in different ways, they should be also taught with different methods. Single gender education does contemplate these circumstances and

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