The Limited Poem Theme

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Someone is driving by you and tries to hit an innocent dog, people come and take away someone and nobody says a word. What the people watching did was nothing, they didn’t stand up for those who needed help. The poem, “The Limited” by Sherman Alexie, was about a man who tried to hurt an animal. The author saw this happen and did nothing about it, he let the man get away with it. Also, short story, “Deportation at Breakfast” by Larry Fondation, was about a man getting taken away and nobody tried to help him. All the people did was ignore the fact that he was getting taken away. both share the common theme of, not taking a stand does nothing. The poem, “The Limited” has different parts that emphasize that the author showed the theme of not standing…show more content…
One way this story illustrates the theme is, “They seemed not to have noticed Javier’s exit” (Larry 82). This demonstrates that the others didn’t care or even want to get in trouble or hurt because they said something that the officers don 't want to hear. But, if the people just stood up for Javier, then maybe he wouldn’t be in this situation. Another way is, “The bread plunged inside the toaster, when the authorities came in. They grabbed Javier quickly and without a word, forcing his hands behind his back. He, too, said nothing” (Larry 81). This reveals how much people don’t care about others. If they actually cared they would’ve said something to the authorities and tried to help him. But instead they let it happen and let them take him away without anyone noticing. The sentence, ‘He, too, said nothing’ it is suggesting that he wasn’t the only person not saying anything about him getting taken away. This is also proving the point that the theme of this story and the other poem is, by not standing up does nothing. The way both of the authors conveys each theme is by showing how they both kind of regret not saying anything at the end. These stories are similar because they both tell a story about someone not standing up for someone else and thinking that’s okay. Some people may learn from this that, when someone stands up for another person, it will help. It
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