The Limits Of Becoming A Marine

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Becoming a soldier, specifically a marine, takes serious mental and physical strength. Those entering need to be completely sure that this is what they want. In the moment it may seem like the best choice, but turns out to have been the worst decision. It takes true commitment to be able to endure the intense trainings they go through. True commitment to be able to earn the title Marine.
Just like their physical strength is tested, their mental strength is tested just as hard. But, for certain women, their mental strength is what’s pushed to the limit. Throughout the history of the Marines, there have been thousands of complaints and lawsuits brought forth for sexual harassment and/or rape. Thousands of which have been ignored and dismissed in court. No solutions, only women fearing their lives and resulting in ptsd. And it continues to happen, with no justice. (
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Another that states 7.9% of female marines were victims of sexual assault in 2014. Still, the Marine Corps, has the highest level of penetrative sexual assault/rape. One lawsuit that was filed, by Lt. Ariana Klay, ended in complete disappointment. She reported that she was gang raped “by a Lt. Colonel, a Major , and a Captain (” It was later “ruled that she welcomed the harassment because she wore makeup, regulation-length skirts as a part of her uniform and exercised in running shorts and tank tops (” Because of this ruling, all those accused didn’t get punished. Since then, “Klay has attempted suicide...and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (” How many more women have to suffer for them to realize that they need to stop
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