The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Study

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The Lindbergh Kidnapping case might be the most controversial case of the century. In this case,a 20 month old infant who was the son of famous pilot Charles Lindbergh, was kidnapped and murdered.This all took place in Flemington, New Jersey. Charles lindbergh at the time was considered an “American Hero”, he was the first pilot to “solo nonstop airplane ride across the Atlantic Ocean to Paris.” This crime was committed on March 1, 1932, just 14 years after World War I had ended.At this point in history Greman and American relations weren’t strong. Bruno Herman Hauptman was a German carpenter who was found guilty for this crime two years after it was commited.In the article, it states that “ Prosecuters twisted evidence,withheld facts and were driven not by the search for truth but by a desire to close the case.” This was highly controversial because Hauptman never received the fair trial he deserved. The article also states that the police “allowed him (Lindbergh) to run the investigation.” I a case like this, Lindbergh being the father, should of been a suspect, not running the investigation.…show more content…
If Lindbergh had been an ordinary civilian this wouldn’t have been allowed. Another controversial fact about this case was that “The child’s room was on the second floor; all windows had shutters which latched from the inside except one which was wrapped.” How would the culprit have know the exact window to use? This seems very controversial and shady. Since Lindberg was a carpenter, he would of had very great tools. In the article it states that “the ladder used was a crudely-built wooden ladder with a broken rung.”As a professional carpenter, Hauptman wouldn’t have built such a poor quality
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