The Lion And Elephant Obstacles Analysis

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Many people say life is full of obstacles. That goes very well with two characters, one a kid named Alfred from, The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp by Rick Yancey, and a lion from the short story, The lion and the elephant by Jan Payne. Even though one character is from a long adventure story and another from a short fable they show readers that life is tough and full of obstacles. Life is tough and comes with obstacles, that goes very well with the lion from, The lion and elephant. In the beginning of the story the lion was scared of how the cockerel would crow every morning and he would cry “go away” till he would go but the cockerel would not go. The lion set out to see if any other animals were scared of the cockerel, but none where. Then he asked elephant and not surprising he said no,but he had something that scared him a tiny gnat. That shows that even though your big and strong you will have many obstacles in your life.…show more content…
That's true with Alfred from,The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp. He had some rough times in his life. He had to overcome watching his uncle Farrell get killed right in front of him and he was his only living relative which, also ties in with Alfred having to go to a new house and meeting new people which was hard for him. Then after his relative died he started to become friend with a guy named Bennacio which lasted a little bit till the enemy who stole the sword Alfred was sworn to protect to killed Bennacio, that hurt him
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