The Lion And The Wardrobe Comparison Essay

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The book and movie that I read is called The Lion, The Witch ,and The Wardrobe. It was written by C.S Lewis, and the movie was produced by Andrew Adamson. The book and the movie were about this family who had to move because of Air Raids. There were two brothers named Peter and Edmund and two sisters named Susan and Lucy. They stay in a profferer 's house. A little girl named Lucy discovers a secret portal to a mysterious land called Narnia. She mets a faun and is taken into a cave for tea and spounge cake. The rest of the siblings don 't believe her when she comes back telling them what happened. Her older brother Edmund finds himself coming into the land. He gets approached by the White witch to bring the rest of his siblings. The four of them come across a beaver on there journey in Narnia. He takes them home and tells them the truth about Narnia. So they go on there journey to save there brother and Narnia. The book was amazing. It included lots of details and action. That is what I relish in a book. My favorite part was when the white witch and her crew tried to hurt Aslam. ( The king of Narnia) THe author just added so many details to make a precise explanation to what…show more content…
I enjoyed the movie better than the book. It included just the right amount of action scenes, description words, and details from the story. The story was amazing but I like seeing things more than reading them. I usually like the movies better than the book. If I didn 't have the book I still think that I would be able to follow along with the movie and know what is going on. I really did like the story. It was different than any other books. It was funny and adventures but at times it was very mature. The lesson that anyone can learn is don 't change something you believe in because other people say it is not true. In other words when you belive in lets say Santa Claus and other people say he is not real don 't stop believing because of what they say. I think this is a great lesson
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