The Lion In Winter Play Analysis

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The Tulsa Community College Theatre Department put on a production of James Goldman’s The Lion in Winter on February 26th -28th and on Sunday March 6th. TCC production was directed by Vern Stefanic and was performed in the Pace Studio Theatre. This play had a very small cast that included Kurt Harris as Henry II, Lisa Stefanic as Eleanor, Time Welch as Richard, James Whitson as Geoffrey, Charles Davis as John, Abigail as Alais, and lastly Jonah Fujikawa as Phillip. The play was double casted with all of the understudies, Kurt Bennett, Alex Wilbins, Caleb Stirewalt, Kara Young, and David Watson, performing the first Friday and Sunday shows. This play was about three brothers and their fight for the crown and the Aquitaine. They thing they…show more content…
I thought the play was very good and the actors were amazing, I felt that they followed the script well and made good use of the little room that they had in the studio theatre. There were only a few things that I did not like about the play, one of them being part of Alias’ costume. Everyone else’s costume I thought all blended nicely together and fit the time period but Alias’ purple dress and her 6 inch heels stood out so much. Her costume was so outrageous, I felt that it took away from the scenes that she was in while wearing it because it was so distracting and difference from everything else going on. Her shoes especially were way too contemporary to fit with everything else, but her other costume, a white dress with a green robe, blended really well and fit the time period. The other thing that I did not was Jonah Fujikawa’s character Phillip, I felt like at times he did not really know what he was saying. He had all of his lines memorized but the way he said them just seemed lost at times. One of the things I really enjoyed about the play was Charles Davis’s character, John. I thought Charles fit the role very well and portrayed John very accurately from his attitude to his boyish outlook on life. Overall though I thought the play was very good, the set was great, the actors were amazing. I would definitely recommend seeing this

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