The Lion King Betrayal Analysis

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Sharing another’s personal information to others is an act of betrayal that can have many different outcomes. In fact, all acts of betrayal have different outcomes based on the victim of the betrayal, and often times that victim can turn out to be yourself. Acts of betrayal are often done out of selfishness, jealousy, or even revenge to make one feel superior than the other. Many times acts of betrayal can be nonintentional because you may be in a state of mind where your feelings are getting the best of you and are not able to think straight. Whether or not the act of betrayal was intended, the victim of betrayal will react the same if it was intended or not because the action will still affect the victim in the same way. Often times after…show more content…
the musical”. Mufasa is the king of the prideland while Scar the brother is next in line to be king. Mufasa has a baby and it bumps Scar down to third in line for king. Scar has always been jealous of Mufasa because of the attention he receives and with the birth of his son, Simba, his jealousy increases. Scar lets the jealousy get the best of him and plans to kill Mufasa, so that he can finally have the attention he believes he deserves. “Long live the king”(65). Scar kills Mufasa and blames Simba for the death. He orders Simba to run away so that he won't get shamed upon for killing Mufasa. Scar has betrayed his brother because he was jealous of him ,and he also betrayed Simba by lying to him and blaming him for something he did not do. Simba lives with the mindset that he killed his father, but learns to take responsibility for his actions. “It doesn't matter, I’m home”(119). Scar’s plan backfires on him and he is defeated by Simba for the spot as king. Scar’s attempt at betrayal was a fail because he was focused on only killing Mufasa, but didn’t think to much of Simba. The return of Simba made all of Scar’s plan fail because once again Scar is looked at lowly and not as superior. Jealousy can cause you to act quickly to make sure you are more superior than another, and in the process you miss the little flaws that can backfire on
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