Cinematic Masterpiece: The Lion King

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The Lion King The Lion King is a cinematic masterpiece that is just as exciting and intriguing for toddlers as it is for adults. This film is one of the rare works that can be viewed dozens of times, but will still leave you singing along and waiting on the edge of your seat for what is going to happen next. The catchy songs and brilliantly colored scenery make it a feast for the senses that doubles as an emotional rollercoaster which will have viewers laughing and crying in the span of several minutes. It fits the standard that has been set by many Disney films before it; fun, appealing to every age group, and full of carefully thought out plots and details. Directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers, this drama/musical was bound to be a hit from the start once you consider their impressive filmographies, which include many popular animations and Disney classics. The Lion King has had Oscar and Golden Globe wins as well as countless nominations for a variety of awards. This film tells the story of a young lion cub named Simba (Thomas/ Broderick) who is the son and heir to Mufasa,…show more content…
It may not have the hardcore special effects and intense details used in current animations, but it has its own special style which made it successful and loved by millions of audiences around the world.

The Lion King tells a relatable story of a young cub growing up in a world full of adversity which I think makes it even better because people tend to see themselves in the characters. The film is well thought out, internationally loved, and one of the most famous Disney animations. In my opinion, it is one of the best films for children and families, as it is appropriate, interesting and just plain fun. I would absolutely recommend this film to anyone for their next movie

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