The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

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There are many differences in the plots related to the White Witch between the book “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and the movie edition “The Chronicle of Narnia. However, the core of this role remains consistent.
The most obvious difference the description of white witch. In the book, this witch is descripted as having black hair and wearing a crown made of gold. In the movie, the director tries his best to make the image of this witch be consistent with the typical witch image. The witch was in blond hair and the crown is made of ice. Even if this change to the outlook of witch does not matter a lot to the characteristic of witch, however, it does strengthens the image as a evil who is bad to the core and without a single hint of
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When the White Witch asked how did the Fox and other squirrels have glasses and food to hold up a party, the Fox told her that they all came from Father Christmas. After hearing this news, the White Witch was at first too astounding to know about this news, and then quickly in the next second, she was very angry about the fact that Father Christmas had been this place. What happens next in the book is different from what happens in the movie. In the book, the White Witch turns a group of Narnians into stones, while in the movie, she only turns the Fox into stone and Edmund is the one who told this whole story to the White Witch. Although this small change does not affect the fact that the White Witch has changed someone into stones, it can show different degree of the evilness in the heart of the White Witch. When she killed only the Fox in the movie, we can illustrate this as rage and fury when she heard about Father Christmas. However, when she turned groups of Narnians into statues, we can explain this further to her detest and abomination towards Narnians. She regards Narnians as obstacles for her to become the real queen of the realm. Besides, when she heard about Father Christmas, she was reminded of the alliance of Father Christmas and the Narnians, she even has grown a higher level of desire to kill more Narnians before Father Christmas has come. Only then could she win the battle with Asian and Lucy. Therefore, from this perspective, it is more propounding of plot settings in the book, to let the White Witch kill groups of Narnians, rather than only killed the Fox, as shown in the
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