The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Character Analysis

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In the book “the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” written by C.S. Lewis, the main characters undergo a series of challenges called the hero 's journey. The step in this journey is the call to adventure. This was shown when the children were sent away to the professor 's house because of air raids in their area. For this panel I used a long shot and attempted to do somewhat of a high angle to show how small and defenseless they and how large the house was compared to them. I tried to include neutral lighting to show how they were happy to explore a new place but sad they had to leave their home . Another example of this step would be when Lucy climbed through the wardrobe and entered narnia. I did high key lighting at the first part of…show more content…
The next refusal of the call takes place when Edmund goes into Narnia and meets the witch, then goes back and says he never was in Narnia and that it was just a game. I did mostly medium and full shots because there were a lot of characters the I thought the reader needed to see the scenery. I did High key lighting because it really wasn 't that tense yet so I saw no need for low key lighting. The next step in the Hero 's Journey is the Beginning of the adventure. This step is presented to us when all the children go to Narnia and see the faun has been coerced into leaving his home. After they realise this, they set out to save the faun. I used neutral lighting for the suspense and close ups to show the note and then full shot to show the characters setting off on their journey.The following steps in the hero 's journey are the Road of Trials. Some of these steps are, firstly, After being taken in by kind beavers, Edmund decided to betray everyone and go run to see the Queen for his own selfish reasons and the queen sent her evil wolves to kill his family. I did close ups and full shots and medium shots and used the 1st person perspective for some of it to show suspense and…show more content…
In the Road of Trials, the children have to get to the place where the prisoners are being kept before the Queen and her minions beat them to it. Another trial that they face is not for all of them, but for only one of the heros. Poor Edmund has to decide if betraying his family is ok or not. In order to stress this character 's feelings of being emotionally torn, we use an extreme close up shot at eye level to show how hard this might be for him. The Lion Aslan then sacrifices himself to save Edmund out of kindness and love. But then he comes back to life and is able to save the captives of the Queen, along with the satyr. There is a huge refusal of the return where the four children become queens and kings of Narnia for many years. In order to stress this to the biggest extent we use yet again an extreme close up shout to show how appealing the thought of being queens and kings were. Now as young adults they venture out hunting one day and end up back in the wardrobe. To show the long journey they have come from and are coming home from we use a long shot at a high angle to make it seem that they’ve come from farther away. When they return home through the wardrobe they tell the professor everything that they have learned and done. So for that we use a medium shot at eye level to make it seem like they were back to their

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