The Literary Analysis Of Homer's Iliad And Odyssey

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Iliad, the epic poem is written by a great epic poet Homer. This poem is a classic in real terms and recounts some historic facts about the last ten years of Trojan war and the Greek siege city of Troy. Tracing back its history, Iliad is thought to be written back in 8th century B.C. and it is considered one of the earliest works in western literary tradition. It captures the scene of blood, abductions, murders, wrath of Achilles, revenge, anger and intervention of gods. The scene of warfare and blood are presented in the poem through oral tradition initially. These are the subject matters of the great epic poem which mark its significance as a great classic Greek poem (ancient Greece). This epic subject matter becomes inspiration for so many …show more content…

This is certainly a momentous work that is still alive in the fast world of today, the 21st century. These works are about the Trojan war as earlier said and invoked the Greeks o be imaginative and get united. Homer played a heroic role in uniting the Greek culture and Greek nation under one idea. He gives them a sense of unity and hold their Greek values and traditions. Hooker (nd) describes the number of scrolls covering Homer’s Iliad were 24. They were used to be sung by different singers at different festivals. Thus, scenes of wars and history of legends and culture are preserved by oral tradition and we can find it evident in Homer’s Iliad. Although it is a very long poem, perhaps it marks the grandeur of epic poem and epic subject matter. Iliad is a focal point in Greek literature and culture. Scholars and critics debate over the status of Iliad as a classic and win the argument over it. Iliad is a poem about wars, the anticipated fall of Troy and death of wrathful hero Achilles. Participation of gods in war and universe and gods being attributed with man like characteristic. All these things clearly mark Iliad as a supreme classic in

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