The Little Flower Character Analysis

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The biographical book, the Little Flower, by Mary Fabyan Windeatt shows the story of Therese since her early years till her death at the age of 24. Narrated from Therese own voice, it retells the life of a Catholic Family on the 19th century in France. It shows how Papa 's "Little Queen" instead of become a very spoiled little girl turned to God and transformed her wicked prideful own way in a humble little one to God. Therese selfishness and pridefulness childhood is converted into a life of virtue dedicated to God. Besides her many virtues were obedience, charity, and humility. Obedience is submit oneself to what God requires, it is an answer to His call regardless of the circumstances or the difficulties it may cause. Therese, in her way to be loyal to God 's call, should face acceptance of her parents, sister and superiors ' authority. For example, since as a child she was very prideful, so she must work hard to become obedient. Therese was aware of her strengths and her weaknesses, she knew that obedience has to be conquered. In this way, one time as she returned from a walk with her dad, she felt thirsty and asked her sister for a glass of water, but Pauline challenged her to offer her thirstiness for poor sinners, so she did. In the same manner she obeyed when her sister told her she could not enter the Carmelite because of her short age. Living at the convent, being obedient was not an easy task since many times there were in opposition with God 's

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