The Little Mermaid Analysis

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In this essay, I will be exploring the themes of sexuality, suffering, and redemption in Andersen’s: ‘The Little Match Girl’ 1 (1845); The Steadfast Tin Soldier’ 2 (1838), and ‘The Little Mermaid’ 3 (1837). This will be through the analysis of: the Little Mermaid’s transformation into becoming a human, and her death; the scene where the Little Match Girl burns her matches; the Tin Soldier’s river journey and when he is destroyed in the pan along with the Paper Doll. Within Andersen’s fairy-tale ‘The Little Mermaid’, the aforementioned themes are presented through the mermaid’s transformation into becoming a human. For example, she sacrifices her tail despite the warning from the Sea Witch that ‘every step you take will feel like you’re treading on a sharp knife’3 (page 79). Consequently, her going through the pain of her tail changing into legs convey the theme of suffering in ‘The Little Mermaid’. This motif is expanded on as she experiences agony whenever she uses her feet, as shown later in the tale when the Little Mermaid dances ‘even though every time her feet touched the ground it felt as if she was treading on sharp knives’3 (page 81). Furthermore, the Little Mermaid struggles to make the Prince fall in love with her due to her losing her voice to be with him as a human. Due to her transformation to becoming a mute human, she cannot explain that it was her and not the Prince’s bride who rescued him. This creates a vicious cycle that results in the Little Mermaid’s
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