The Little Mermaid: Gender Stereotypes

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At some point in life, being a Disney princess was every females’ dream. Their kindness, courage, and beauty is thought to provide a safe culture for children (Mcbride, 2016) Not to mention, their flawless appearance and their happily ever after makes the princess culture. For these reasons, parents perceive the Disney as quality family entertainment (Buckingham, 1997). But in actuality, princesses may not be the most positive role models for young viewers.
The issue associated with Disney Princesses movies is that their usual gender stereotyped as the submissive female who falls in love with a man to live happily ever after. Birbeck and her colleagues assessed the princess culture in 198 preschoolers (male and female), 96% of females and
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Her father, King Triton, forbids Ariel from meeting a human, so she finds other ways to connect with humans. Ariel steals possessions from poor women and men lost at sea from shipwrecks. During the movie, Ariel goes to her secret grotto to store her stolen treasures. Over the a period of time, Ariel has stolen thousands of possessions. Although she is caught stealing by her friend, Sebastian, Ariel struggles to stop compulsively stealing items from humans. She simply calls the items “her collection” instead of admitting that she is a…show more content…
In this case, does not have her happy ending until she received her legs; Ariel’s a mental disorder handicapped Ariel’s ability to learn how to accept her flaws. Also, Ariel’s infatuation with humans causes her to become a kleptomaniac when stealing from shipwrecked victims. The idea of having a princess as a role model for young viewers with a chronic theft pattern should not be accepted in society.
In the movie Beauty and the Beast (1991), a princess named Belle is ostracized in her small town in France for being an illiterate woman. One day, her father, Maurice, gets lost in the woods and goes into a secluded castle for shelter. A beast resides in the castle and mistakes Maurice for an intruder, so the Beast locks him away as his prisoner. Belle goes looking for her father and goes inside the same castle only to be confronted by the beast, as well. Belle sees her father sick and weak and offers to take his place as the Beast's prisoner. The Beast accepts Belle’s
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