Summary Of The Little Mermaid By Hans Christian Andersen

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“The Little Mermaid”by Hans Christian Andersen
Children’s literature began to emerge in the 18th century as being an important part of the publishing industry in Britain. Although children had access to books, these were not meant for them, but to a more adult audience. It took a realization of children as individuals who were not incomplete adults. It was understood that they had different mental processes and other ways of entertainment for authors to star writing more enjoyable pieces.
Fantasy and fairy tales have proved to be very popular with children. Although at the beginning this genre hadn’t a secure place in literature since proper stories for children were supposed to entertain and to instruct, it slowly began to win ground over
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Nevertheless he was meant to marry the princess from the neighbouring castle, and even though at the beginning he refused marrying someone else, finally he falls in love with the other princess. Due to this the little mermaid’s faith was death, but the witch gave her another chance and sends with her sisters a knife. If she killed the prince, then she would be free and could come back to her family.

In turn she decided to save the prince’s life and flung herself from the ship into the sea, feeling her body turning slowly into foam. Her soul would live eternally as a daughter of the wind.
Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” fits perfectly into a fairy tale that also contains morals. The story takes children to the bottom of the sea where there’s a livid description of the life of the king, his mother and daughters. Moreover, all the colours, shapes and sounds of this wonderful world.
The teachings of the story are related to the behaviour of the lovely daughters and their family. In the end of the story the little mermaid prefers to sacrifice herself instead to save the person she loved the most, even though she could return to his beloved home. Her sisters, at the same time, tried to convince her to come back due to the love they had for her.
The ending of the book makes it clear what the children were expected to

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