The Little Mermaid Comparison Essay

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The Little Mermaid a well-known tale whom has been known to have a happy ending, being one of children’s favorite tale. But, does this tale have a happy ending? How does The Little Mermaid truly feel? This story can disappoint once read. The real story behind this fantasy tale is much different than what one is known about. When reading the true story of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson one can depict that the presentation of this tale is pure distress having different themes, not only that but the character of The Little Mermaid is converted into something one would have never thought of.
The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Anderson does not give the happy ending of a princess, rather it gives a terrible ending like Romeo and Juliet. One could say this tale gives the themes of Love, Desires, Diversity, and fantasy of course! When reading this
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As Trites compares both stories it is known of many differences like The little Mermaid in hans story is able to go up to land once turned 15, but the Disney tale strictly portrays that Ariel is not allowed to go up to land. Another difference said by Trites is “Ariel, on the other hand, wants only to gain marriage, which she equates with love, so she channels all her strength and energy into pursuing marriage as a goal” (Trites). While in Andersons version The Little mermaid wants to gain an immortal soul and focuses on her after life. While these tales have many differences I do have to point out that there are similarities. Both tales have the same idea of characters, they both have mermaids and humans, but do they give up their bodies? Both stories characterize The Little Mermaid as a person whom does not care much of giving up their tales as Tristes expressed” Both the Andersen and the Disney mermaids agree to be voiceless, to give up their physical forms” both characters did not care much of the changes it would
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