The Little Prince Allegory Analysis

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This essay is going to explain meaning of allegory as the literary device in the novella “The Little Prince”, written by French author Antoine de Saint- Exupéry. Novella is intended for both, children and adult readers. Language is simple, accessible to every person no matter the age, as the author himself wanted it to be. Author recognized problems of the modern age back then such as loneliness, lack of love and distance from other people. Allegorical meaning extends throughout the whole story and the message is very simple. Main character and his deeds present the way how people have different views on life values. Children tend to show and appreciate feeling whereas adults care about outside feature and power, they lost need for love. Besides…show more content…
He grew up in an aristocratic family and very young lost his father. His first loves were airplanes and flying so it developed into something much bigger and it became part of his life. Later on Antoine was also seen as a successful writer who had written many novels such as: “The Aviator” published in 1926, Southern Mail, Night Flight, and the most famous one “The Little Prince”. Even though this tale is accompanied by illustrations, actually it aims to convey the message to older audience. It is among the best-selling books and presents authors experience collection during his work as a pilot. There is no clear evidence of his death and it remains mysterious. Furthermore, book is divided into twenty seven chapters. At the beginning of the book stands dedication to author’s best friend, Leon Werth. Moreover, author apologized for dedicating it to a grown-up. Then he listed more reasons, including him being hungry, cold and asking for comfort. In addition, when those argumentations would not be enough for readers to forgive him, he will allot it to the child hidden in Leon.(The Little Prince,5) The action takes place in the dessert and on the several asteroids without a certain time, which reminds of a fairytale. In description of a main character, known as the little prince, are psychic features more dominate than the physical. His hair was compared with golden color, he is small and always carries a sword. On that way author wanted to point out that even though he is a kid, he is much bigger person than one
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