The Little Prince Essay

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The genre of this book entitled The Little Prince are Parable, Fable and Fantasy that is clearly shown in the story. The author of the book is Antoine de Saint-Exupery. He is a writer, poet and aviator. He was born in Lyon, France on June 29, 1900. When he was 12 years old he took his first airplane ride and he immediately fell in love to it. He has given an opportunity to become an airforce pilot in the North Africa. His adventures as a pilot is his source of inspiration on his literary works. During World War II he made the book The Little Prince that is written in French and English and published in the United States in April 6, 1943. Later on the book was considered as one of the greatest book and one of the best-selling book of all time.…show more content…
After 3 tries he just draw a box and he stated to the little boy that the sheep is inside the box. The little boy agrees to him and the pilot knows that this little boy is from an asteroid named B 612 that he owns and known to be The Little Prince. He said that he leave his planet that has a rose and a 3 volcanoes. He also tells all of his adventures before he arrives on the Earth. He encounters a king, a conceited man, a tippler, a businessman, a lamplighter that he admires and the last was the geographer, all of these has their own planet. When he arrived on Earth he encounters different species, a snake, a flower, and a fox. The fox is the one that gives the Little Prince some words of wisdom that helps the Little Prince to realize that he must go back to his planet to take care of his rose. The pilot feel thirst and they went to find a well in a dessert. After they drink some fresh water the Little Prince decided to go back to his planet. He let the snake bite him in order to return to his planet. After talking with full of emotions to the pilot he fell down in the sand and he goes back to his planet. The pilot was done in repairing his plane and also leaves the dessert. The pilot please everyone to tell him if they saw his Little Prince returns in the
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