The Little Rock Nine Character Analysis

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We chose to do our character analysis on Link because he is a well-rounded character who changes throughout the story. While Link makes his first appearance in chapter fourteen, he has a large impact in Melba’s life from then on out. He starts off in the story as a bystander. He does not physically attack the African-American students, but he does nothing to stop the attacks and threats that they must deal with. When Link does finally step into the story and begins to help Melba he changes into an ally for The Little Rock Nine. Link has a very important connection with his nanny, Mrs. Healy, who has been working for his family as long as Link can remember. She had spent her young life working for Link’s grandparents. When Link’s father got married to his mother, Mrs. Healy was sent to work for him, almost as if she were a gift. She was fired from working for Link’s parents toward the end of the school year when she became sick and was not able to work as much as she had. When this happened, Link took it upon himself to care for her. He…show more content…
We showcased the two sides of Link that are seen in the book. On the outside, Link is a typical teenager attending school at Little Rock Central High School. In attempts to blend in with the other students and not be outed as helping the Little Rock Nine, he often will use insulting names. He comes from a family that holds a history of racism. But on the inside, Link is a much different character. He cares about people in general, despite what race they are, he helps Mrs. Healy even after she is released from working for his family. And he also cares about Melba. While he attends the meetings concerning getting rid of the African-American students at the school, he using this information to help Melba. He warns her of places to avoid between classes and during lunch. He also shows his concern for her in asking her to run away from everything that is happening with the school
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