The Little Rock Nine

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To what extent was the 'Little Rock Nine' so significant that both Americans and global citizens are aware about it?
Sang Eun (Sally) Lee 10S

African-American civil rights movement started at 1954 and ended up at 1968. In September 1957, the key event of civil rights movement took place when the nine black students legitimately enrolled at white-dominated central high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Through my research question, I'm going to expand my essay by investigating 'Little Rock Nine' in 3 different categories; 1. Facts about the 'Little Rock Nine' event, 2. Limitations that blocked the 'Little Rock Nine' event, 3. Achievements (aftermath) of this event [what effects did 'Little Rock Nine' brought towards the Americans?] 'Little
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However, the Supreme Court had declared that the legal separation of blacks and whites (segregation) in public facilities was illegal. In 1954, the right to an equal education was given to black students by the United States Supreme Court. Unluckily, even after 3 years, African Americans were still being forced to attend separate and subordinate schools. They also still went through "Jim Crow" laws that compelled them to apply dissimilar public facilities from whites. ▲ The 14th and 15th amendment (Scott, unknown)
This source shows that segregation in public facilities was illegal ▲ 'Jim Crow' laws (Scott, unknown)
This source supports the main idea of why African Americans were forced to use different facilities due to the 'Jim Crow' law In September 7, 1957, LRN (Little Rock Nine) drove towards the school in the morning realizing that they'll face an angry group of white protesters. As LRN walked pass the school entrance,
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When he used Arkansas National Guardsman to ban the enrollment of LRN who has been ordered by a federal judge to desegregate the Little Rock Central High School, he became the national symbol of racial segregation. ▲ Orval Faubus's speech on school integration (1958) (unknown, Blackpast, unknown)
In this source, it's clear that Faubus didn't like black students attending Little Rock Central School Arkansas governor Faubus's resistance to desegregation resulted the Little Rock crisis. Faubus also began to examine the possibility of establishing multi-racial schools and desegregated state buses and public transportation. Journalist Harry Ashmore depicted Orval Faubus's fight over Little Rock Central High School in a certain perspective; he said "Faubus used the guard to keep blacks out of Central High School because he was frustrated by the success his political opponents were having in using segregationist rhetoric to arouse white voters". (unknown, Wikipedia, unknown) On May 27, 1958 Ernest Green Became the first to graduate Little Rock Central High school. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. participated in his graduation ceremony. Green said “It’s been an interesting year. I’ve had a course in human relations first hand.” (GravesJohn,
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