The Liverpool Goalie Analysis

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Cine Europa on its 19th year holds its annual film festival across 11 cities in the Philippines. The European Union Delegation to the Philippines offers sponsored screenings and films of distinguished Filipino films that left a spot in the European field. The Liverpool Goalie is a Norwegian film which is a genre of warm comedy, drama, and sport. It was written by Lars Gudmestad, directed by Arild Andresen and produced by Hakon Overas and Karin Julsrud in 2010. The film touches on both girls and boys who play football, worship their idols, and are frustrated by complicated friendships, young love, anxious mothers and overambitious football coaches. The main character, a 12-year-old Jo Idstad, aspires to get around both potential girlfriends, mothers and football coaches, as he is preying on for a rare football card which he believes will solve all his problems. He has a smart head, convinced that life is treacherous and that he needs to avoid death traps the same way as bullying, dangerous sports, and girlfriends. Moreover, a fragile body makes him be engaged in math equations and football cards. His plans in life go accordingly until Mari, a new school girl takes her way out. She is Jo’s ideal girl and for him to make a notion, he must take some risks. All of a sudden, things got out of their way that Jo worries he would not be able to make it up on his fourteenth birthday. He believes that the Liverpool Goalie which all the boys have worked at during the summer would be the

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