The Lobster Analysis

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A weird, weird concept has been brought to screen by acclaimed Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos in the form of a rather unconventional 'love story', if one can call it that. The film's ruthlessly Dystopian society forces single people to check themselves into 'The Hotel' and find love within 45 days... or else they'd be transformed into animals. The mood is a perfect blend of dark and funny, but leaves a pretty heavy impact on the soul. The idea is sci-fi. The visual? Almost never. That is what makes The Lobster so ambitious.

I’m in the middle of a rather crazy schedule these days. You may not know this, but I’ve been rigorously working on a documentary that I just made. Hence, my days consist of living on either that terrible, terrible chair
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In the form of an animal.

You are taught the ‘importance’ of everything working well in twos, hence the mandatory cuffing of one’s wrist to the back of their pants on the very first day to remind you how well your hands work together. Two is perfect.

When Colin Farrell’s rather awkward, middle-aged, bespectacled David checks in with his dog, his brother (no big deal), he goes through a ‘first day of high school’ and ends up being friends with John C. Reilly’s The Lisping Man and Ben Wishaw’s The Limping Man. All singles go through a series of activities that are meant to ‘present’ themselves to each other… And prepare for ‘the hunt.’

The hunt is when all occupants of the hotel are required to go into the woods and hunt down the Loners. People… who couldn’t find a mate and personally rebelled against the system.

People… who ran away.

People… who refused to be turned into animals.

People, who in my romantic notion, liked the idea of solitude.

But who are we kidding? The guests are all required to hunt the loners with their tranquilising guns if they want their stay to be extended by a day. One loner captured is one more day of being human. David, who cons his way into a relationship with the most heartless woman at the Hotel, is found out and so, in order to escape death by law, he flees into the woods to save
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