The Lobster: Movie Analysis

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The movie the Lobster is a satire that ridicules the relationship structure put in place by our society. It is full of metaphors that represent that in modern society there is an enormous amount of pressure for young adults to be in relationships, and it displays how this can be harmful. If more people knew about how damaging this pressure is, they may change their outlook on the topic. This information could be used to inform people that have never given this topic much thought, and may cause them to question the idea that humans are incomplete without a significant other in their life.
The Lobster is set in a dystopian society in which everyone is expected to be in a relationship. If an adult becomes single they are limited to 45 days to
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It is unrealistic and creates a notion that a life is not complete without a romantic relationship in it. This can have a negative effect on young singles. It can create insecurities and make them question their value as a human being. These ridiculous relationship expectations can lead people to rush into marriages. Unfortunately some people think marriage is the sole solution to loneliness. Statistics show that the number of divorces in the United States has been slowly climbing annually since 2000 (Briscoe). The divorce rate is now sitting at a hefty 50% (True Love - Does Society Create Too Much Pressure to Find It). Age also acts as a factor in divorce. People who get married after reaching 18 are 24% less likely to get divorced (Stanton). Therefore it is wiser to be patient and to allow time to pass before making a lifelong commitment. Divorce tears families apart. Courts must decide which parent gets custody of the children. Money is wasted on lawyers, and tension is created amongst family members. It is probable that divorce would be less common if society didn’t place so much pressure on people to get married. Then people wouldn’t rush into a commitment to avoid being lonely but would rather wait till they know for sure that they are making the right decision.
Another way societal pressure affects single people is it clouds their judgement. This was showcased in the Lobster when a single man forced himself to have nosebleeds in hopes of being paired up with a young woman that had chronic nose bleeds throughout the movie. This is comparable to actual cases in real life when some people will allow themselves to change just to impress another. The majority of the time relationships built off of facades will end up
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