The Lockheed Martin Corporation: Age Discrimination Case

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According to an article on, The Lockheed Martin Corporation was ordered “To pay $51.5 million, including $ 50 million in punitive damages, in an age discrimination suit”. (Toutant, 2017) The plaintiff in the case, a former engineer at Lockheed Martin accused the company of laying of older workers to hire younger workers for the same positions. Robert Braden, plaintiff, also alleged the company never provided a reason or manner in which they decided who they would lay off. While the article is does not specifically mention the facts that were presented in court, one must conclude based on the outcome of the case, that there was sufficient evidence by the plaintiffs or lack of explanation by the defense which led the jury to decide in the favor of the jury.…show more content…
As such I often look to them for guidance with certain things because there is a good likelihood that they have experienced what I may be dealing with. Additionally, workers who are tenured absolutely play a part in keeping organization running as they employees who shape the generation of worker who will undoubtedly succeed them. Furthermore, the issue of age discrimination in the workplace should be deterred one because it’s against the law and if a company is looking for more long term employees, increasing or implementing college recruitment programs may be a viable option for

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