The Logan Family

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throughout your life Did you ever had a time when you went through so much that you learn something from it causes you to mature, I know I had. To begin with, this book is about a black family in Mississippi in the 1930 's, told from the point of view of the only daughter, Cassie Logan, a fourth-grader. It shows the harsh realities of segregation, racism, and the oppression of blacks in the South during this time period. The Logan family is having to get along without their father because he has to go away to work. They are better off than most black families because they have their own land. Cassie and her brothers have many run-ins with the white Simms family. All the members of this family are racist except for one son, Jeremy, who longs…show more content…
To begin with, Cassie is the witness to the violence and injustice of the South as she becomes aware of lynchings, of the curtailment of her father and mother 's freedom, and of the severe punishments meted out to blacks accused of wrongdoing. Cassie grows up over the course of the year, learns some sad truths, and experiences the strength and love of her family. For example, when Papa tells Cassie and Stacey that T.J.’s in jail now, awaiting a severe punishment, possibly death. Stacey runs away at this news, heading into the forest. Cassie cries, but she goes to bed, thinking about everything that happened the night before. She cries for T.J., knowing that he’ll never get to run free again like they will, and she cries for the land. This shows a young adolescent girl. Secondly when Cassie sees T.J. get attacked by Kaleb Wallace, and instead of attacking him, she listened to Stacey, “Clutching Little Man’s hand, I told him to grab Christopher-John’s, and together the three of us picked our way along the black path, afraid to turn on the flashlight for fear of its light being seen. Thunder crashed against the corners of the world and lightning split the sky as we reached the road, but we did not stop. We dared not. We had to reach Papa” (256).This quote shows that Cassie knows that T.J. is being maliciously and unrighteously attacked by white people, but instead of running at them and trying to save them like she would have in the beginning of the book, but she goes to get her father to save him. Obviously, Cassie changes from the beginning of the novel to the end. She changes because of what her father tells her: Some things need to be let go, other things you may have to do even if you do not want to, and you have to love yourself. She also understands that starting the fire was the only way to save T.J., so she doesn’t ask Papa about it, which shows that she knows when to speak and when not to. So here are
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