The Logans Land In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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Final Project : The Logans’ Land
During the 1930s, many African-Americans became sharecroppers, but they always struggled to keep up with both their families and their never-ending cycle of debts. The book, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor, realistically displays how important it became for African-Americans to own land in the 1930s. The Logans, and African-American family in this novel, get through many of their problems with the help of owning land. Most of the other African-Americans in their community were sharecroppers who worked day and night, but were often drowned with debts. The land was displayed as a significant symbol for the Logan family, their independence, and relationships.
The land was so important that it almost
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The Logans’ land helped the people in their community form strong relationships. For example, at the end of the novel, on page 179, Jeremy Simms tells Cassie about how many people in the community were helping put out the fire that caught the Logans’ cotton crop. He said, """And there’s a whole lot of men from the town out there too.""" and """Papa and Mr. Granger, they got them men diggin’ a deep trench ’cross that slope.""" Though it was the Logans’ crop that was on fire, both White and African-Americans were working to put it out. Everyone was helping each other, no matter what race they were. Later on, Cassie finds out what Papa had to do in order to save T.J.. On page 185, she understood the situation, """ Papa had found a way … to make Mr. Granger stop the hanging: He had started the fire.""" At first, she did not understand why Papa had put their land at stake just for T.J.’s life. Cassie had never liked T.J. from the beginning, but after the whole incident, she ended up crying for his life as well. This shows, that the land, once again, helped change Cassie’s opinion towards T.J. through the fire. In other words, the Logans’ land symbolized many of the community’s relationships. The land was an opportunity for the people to get together and show that at the end, they all were the same. The Logans’ land was a very significant
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